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Picture of Hafez Dorj (Downloadable)

Hafez Dorj (Downloadable)

Dorj Hafez Shirazi contains Hafez works with singing Hafez lyrics performed by Amir Nouri . . .

Singing, Music, Compositions

The collected sound tools in this software are as follows:
- 1011 minutes singing Hafiz lyrics performed by Amir Nouri Persian part
- 90 minutes singing selected verses with the voice of Amir Nouri
- 300 minutes singing Golestan sa’di performed by Amir Nouri
- 20 minutes singing selected poems of Forough Farokhzad performed by poetess in Persian part
- 90 minutes of background music
- 145 minutes of selected compositions and photos

Program facilities

- Persian dictionary with 250000 words and above 400000 meanings
- Noting on verses
- Advanced facilities menu to sign a certain page and returning to it
- The possibility of setting fonts and printing with each of the exciting fonts in the program
- Linkage among all exiting information as hyperlink text
- Statistical displaying of each book (the number of poems, verses and words)
- Automatic numbering of verses
- Professional searching with possibility of printing
- Operation of all the pages 800×600
- Printing of all the pages 800×600
- Printing of all the information with 20 fonts
- 1500 crossword puzzles
- Singing of Hafiz lyrics (Hafiz omen)
- Displaying the meaning of words in the poems extracted from Persian dictionary

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